College Exposure Camps for Summer


Each summer, colleges and universities offer an array of football camps for kids from youth to varsity. As a parent, you must be very smart about which camps you want to spend your money on.

The following camps are intended to help students in the recruitment process. As you will notice, they are one-day camps. As opposed to the expensive, multi-day camp that is more about the “experience” of being at the college or university, the one-day camp is focused on recruiting and thus the best way to “get on the radar” of some of the state’s leading colleges and universities.

The bigger the camp, the more coaches from different schools will be in attendance. For example, the MSU camps will have coaches from many Div. II and III schools from around the state in attendance.

While this is not an exhaustive list, we did our homework so you wouldn’t have to. Again, these camps are all about getting recruited.

Some camps are for incoming seniors only while others are for grades 9-12. In the link below, they will be divided by position.