Reflecting Its Tradition, RP Football Locker Room Gets Makeover

The Reeths-Puffer Football Varsity locker room received a makeover this spring thanks to the efforts of plenty of coaches and players in the program. After several coats of primer and paint, along with some outstanding graphics courtesy of, the locker room now reflects the degree of excellence promoted throughout the football program at RP.

In addition, Coach Jewett and his staff wanted the graphics to bridge the old with the new, as you will notice several graphics that bring Reeths-Puffer’s rich football tradition back in front of the eyes of today’s players. Not the least of which are the Conference, Regional, and State championship years as well as the RP “shields” of excellence that exemplify what we stand for as a program and as a community.

Check out the photos — both pre-makeover and post — to see its transformation. Thanks again to all who helped us make this happen! WE ARE RP!

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