2014 RP Lift-A-Thon to take Place March 17 & 18

ImageReeths-Puffer Football Program’s 3rd Annual Lift-a-Thon will take place on March 17th and 18th during the Football Strength and Conditioning classes. Players will be urged to raise a minimum of $40 by getting donations per pound that they lift in three core exercises: Bench Press, Squat, and Dead Lift. 

For example, each player will get $.01 / $.05 / $ .10 / $.25 / etc., donations per pound (flat donations are also acceptable).  The sum total amount of each pledge will be the result of the players combined squat, bench, and dead lift scores (Ex. $.01 donation for 200 lb. squat, 100 lb. bench, 200 lb. dead lift, results in 500 lbs. = $5.00).

This money raised will go towards the costs of our off-season summer camps, needed practice equipment, and 7 on 7 passing tournament entry fees this summer. We certainly appreciate all the help you can offer!