MAC Combine a Great Success for Area Players, Rp.

The following is an excerpt from an email sent to Coach Jewett from the WV Foundation:

Coach Jewett,

The WV Foundation, with the help of Mercy Health Partners, recently held the Muskegon All-Star Classic’s first annual combine. Our intent was to provide an affordable way for Muskegon area student-athletes to see where they ranked amongst their peers and motivate them to improve in areas where needed. The ultimate goal is to help facilitate their transition to college programs where they can further not only their football careers, but more importantly their education.
    Attached, you will find an Excel spreadsheet with the participants’ results in all the testing areas, where they ranked in each category, and their overall ranking at the Combine. These values, as well as names and contact information, will be distributed to college coaches and recruiters with whom we are affiliated. Several of these coaches have already expressed interest in Combine participants. To ensure anonymity, participant bib #s instead of names have been included on the attached spreadsheet. The #s and names of participating football players from your school are as follows:
137- Julian Munday   142- Johndrieus Betts-Render   115- Dereko Riley   131- Chase Smith   149- Garrett Blanshine   106- Sean McWilliams   133- Conrad Foss   159- Corey Plichta   103- Ryan Stein   136- John Hansen   108- Cain White   110- Tyler Beckman   126- Deangelo Williams   122- Justin Riley   154- Jake Balkema   119- Jacob Sampson   130- Alvin McCrary   151- Matt Hoover   152- David Gordon   156- Stephen Hanson
    We hope to continue partnering with your school through the Muskegon All-Star Classic (MAC), MAC Combine, and other future events produced by The WV Foundation for the betterment of West Michigan. As a reminder, the 2nd Annual Muskegon All-Star Classic is on June 15, 2013 @ 7pm at Mona Shores High School. Please feel free to e-mail with any questions.